Our Privacy

The chiropractors overland park try to secure all information. We know that your medical information is private and confidential. We will share information with one another as necessary, to carry out Treatment purpose, relating to the service to be rendered at chiropractor overland park facilities.

Data collection and storage: 

 Our data collector collect the right information from the patient’s third party or using our website. Our requirements are:

  1. Name
  2. Full address
  3. Access purpose
  4. Mail address
  5. Phone number
  6. Payment system
  7. Collecting complaint
  8. Any suggestion

Then we store it minimum 2 years for the betterment of our overland park chiropractor.

Permitted information, we can use or share any other your treatment paying bill and other betterments.

In the treatment purpose, we reserve your right in the way….

Basically, treatment means the coordination or management of patient’s health like consultations between doctors, clinic relating to your care.

In the paying bill, the activities we undertake to obtain reimbursement for the health care what we provided to you like billing receive receipt etc.

How we use your information: 

Our service providers collect information used to improve marketing, sales sharing treatment quality better connect website visitors with hospital providers with patients we may use data to better connect you with an appropriate practice group.

If any person signs up for our website he may receive email communication from us. We send you an email back contact with you and try to know your problem or wishes.


We work with various services providers who may use cookies. We beacons and similar technologies to collect user data; we are not responsible for our service privacy practice. You can correct your information anytime when its need to you please contact the hospital directly such modification or changes become effective immediately when they are posted to our website.

Security of personal data:

Chiropractor overland park ks takes the step to protect the personal information we hold against loss, unauthorized access, use amend change, modification on disclosure and against other misuses. There is some inherent risk in transmitting information access to the ability to control the security of information collected and stored on the third party.

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